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Husqvarna PW 130

Husqvarna PW 130

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Compact and user-friendly high-pressure washer for easy cleaning

A compact, light and electric high-pressure washer that is easy to handle and easy to store. Husqvarna PW 130 has an ultra-flexible hose that facilitates roll-up, and built-in storage, giving convenient access to the included accessories. Double swivel functions and multifunctional nozzle make adapting the high-pressure washer to different cleaning tasks easy. PW 130 also has a guide for the nozzle and pressure setting so that you can secure perfect pressure.


Foam Sprayer

Foam sprayer

You can easily monitor the detergent usage and see its remaining level. This gives you perfect control – and you will never use any more detergent than necessary.

Carrying handle

Pressure Washer 130 Carrying handle

The robust and comfortable carry handle makes moving and transporting your machine extra convenient.

Dual gun and lance storage

Pressure Washer 130 Dual gun and lance storage

Easy access compartments offer efficient and compact storage for gun and lance on the machine.

Metal Pump

Aluminum pump

The pump is made of metal to ensure high durability and a long product life span.

Hose compartment

Pressure Washer 130 Hose compartment

The hose compartment offers comfortable use and convenient storage.

Variable Flat Jet Nozzle

Pressure washer 130, 240 Variable flat jet nozzle

The pressure-adjustable, multi-purpose nozzle gives you increased versatility, as it can be used for a wide range of cleaning tasks with perfect results.

On Board Storage

On-Board Storage Pressure Washer PW 240

All included accessories can be stored on the machine for easy access and more efficient work.

UltraFlex High-Pressure Hose

Pressure Washer 130, 240 UltraFlex High-Pressure Hose

The high-pressure hose is very flexible, easy to handle, and rolls up conveniently.

Double Swivels and Quick Connect

Swivel and quick connect

Maximised efficiency and convenience through the spray lance’s double swivel functions and quick connections for hose, nozzles and accessories.

Rotary Nozzle

Pressure washer 130, 240 Rotary Nozzle

The rotating pencil jet nozzle gives you a targeted, high cleaning performance and helps you get rid of persistent dirt effectively.

Compact and lightweight

Pressure Washer 130 Compact and lightweight

Compact size and low weight for easy storage and transportation.

Intuitive nozzle and pressure guide

Pressure washer 130, 240 Intuitive nozzle and pressure guide

Easy access to the nozzle and pressure setting guide to ensure perfect pressure during operation.

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